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5 tips to increase your efficiency at work

 February 19, 2014  Productivity  
If you're not a freelancer, you most probably deal with interruptions and productivity issues everyday at the office. It's rather hard to avoid that kind of problems if you work in a company, but there are ways to beat all those obstacles and increase your productivity at work.   We've listed below a bunch of tips to help you..
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Don't let perfection get you down

 January 22, 2014  Productivity  
You're a high achiever. You're used to doing things flawlessly. You always set high standards for you and your work. And it's tough. We know. It's so tough that sometimes you're so scared you're going to fail and you end up doing nothing at all.   There's no doubt that you're going to be appreciated if you..
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Is working at home really working for you?

 November 17, 2013  Productivity  
Whether you want to focus on one single extremely difficult task all day long or you're just a bit too cold to go to the office, working from home might be the solution for you. Sounds like fun, right? Actually, I shouldn't be any different from working at the office.   Some live under the impression that working from home is thi..
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UpYourTime New Feature: Update your hours in real time

 August 26, 2013  Productivity  
UpYourTime used to track time using just 0.25h units. But we thought you would want more options. So, we added a feature that lets you update your hours in real time. This way you can fill in your exact hours, your task timer counts exactly how much time you spend on each thing you do and you manage your time more efficiently.   If you h..
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Productivity techniques to get you get stuff done

 July 30, 2013  Productivity  
  There are times when all the motivation in the world can't help you get stuff done. We know. Not even the tons of coffee or all those hours spent in the office. Apparently, you're not the only one. Some smarter guys experienced this too and have thought of ways of working productively that actually... you know, work! So, to get y..
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