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UpYourTime just got better. Now with a freemium version.

 March 14, 2016  New features  
Helping out the newbies: new tutorial feature We understand that, as a new user, you might find it difficult to learn your way around the site. That’s okay. We thought about you and that’s why we came up with a tutorial that will help you get accustomed to UpYourTime’s features. After you sign-up, you’re taken to a ste..
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Time tracking lessons to and from UpYourTime users. Part two: an employee's point of view

 June 30, 2015  Time Management  
To continue the Time tracking lessons series, we have decided to ask for another opinion. This time, from an employee. Sara Marcu, a lawyer at the law firm we talked about in the first article agreed to share with us her experience with UpYourTime and what she learned since she started tracking her time.   Time tracking equals efficiency..
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Time tracking lessons from and to UpYourTime users. Part one: Managers

 June 17, 2015  Time Management  
It's been a while since we updated you, guys. Don't worry, we haven't been lazy, we've just been working on bigger, more awesome things, one of them being the continuous improvement of the UpYourTime website and app. That being said, we decided to restart the blog with a few lessons our users learned while using UpYourTi..
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Take time to make time

 March 25, 2014  Time Management  
 If you have a job you’re probably facing time management issues just like the rest of us out here. No matter if you have your family to take care of in the rest of your time or if you have a side thing that you love doing, there never seems to be enough time to do all the things you want to do. While that might actually be true, there..
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5 tips to increase your efficiency at work

 February 19, 2014  Productivity  
If you're not a freelancer, you most probably deal with interruptions and productivity issues everyday at the office. It's rather hard to avoid that kind of problems if you work in a company, but there are ways to beat all those obstacles and increase your productivity at work.   We've listed below a bunch of tips to help you..
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Don't let perfection get you down

 January 22, 2014  Productivity  
You're a high achiever. You're used to doing things flawlessly. You always set high standards for you and your work. And it's tough. We know. It's so tough that sometimes you're so scared you're going to fail and you end up doing nothing at all.   There's no doubt that you're going to be appreciated if you..
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Happy New Productive Year! Or how to accomplish all your New Year's Resolutions in 2014

 January 09, 2014  Time Management  
January is that time of the year when everyone feels really, really motivated to make the new year the awesomest ever and to accomplish all those mighty personal goals they've been setting for years and years.   Usually, this kind of enthusiasm goes off until February, but we know you're a high achiever and we want to help you ti..
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An all-time productivity classic: the TO-DO LIST

 December 08, 2013  Time Management  
The oldest productivity tool in the book is the to-do list. Written on little pieces of paper, on your agenda or in a saved text message, you've always got a list of things that need to be done at some point. And they're probably filled with all kinds of tasks: house chores, work tasks, meetings with friends or things you need to buy. Tro..
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Is working at home really working for you?

 November 17, 2013  Productivity  
Whether you want to focus on one single extremely difficult task all day long or you're just a bit too cold to go to the office, working from home might be the solution for you. Sounds like fun, right? Actually, I shouldn't be any different from working at the office.   Some live under the impression that working from home is thi..
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New features on UpYourTime: Notifications & Reports

 November 11, 2013  New features  
We're doing our best to make UpYourTime better and better. So, we decided to create a notifications system to help you and your employees remember to fill in your timesheet every day. Also, you'll be able to see daily, weekly and monthly reports for your employees' activity.   If you're a manager you can edit the notifica..
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UpYourTime is now available in Romanian

 September 17, 2013  New features  
Since some of our clients are from Romania and since we're based in Bucharest too, we thought it was natural to make UpYourTime available in Romanian.   So, here it is. You can now enjoy all of UpYourTime's features in Romanian too. All you have to do for that is to switch languages using the buttons on the Home page. It's th..
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UpYourTime New Feature: Update your hours in real time

 August 26, 2013  Productivity  
UpYourTime used to track time using just 0.25h units. But we thought you would want more options. So, we added a feature that lets you update your hours in real time. This way you can fill in your exact hours, your task timer counts exactly how much time you spend on each thing you do and you manage your time more efficiently.   If you h..
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How about NO? or How to reclaim your time

 August 02, 2013  Time Management  
We always want to do it all. Of course, that’s in our nature. But that’s rather impossible. We know that. We also know that we’re never going to get started on that awesome project any time soon if we keep delaying it. So all this might not be new to anyone. But what might seem interesting is how exactly we’re delaying it...
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Productivity techniques to get you get stuff done

 July 30, 2013  Productivity  
  There are times when all the motivation in the world can't help you get stuff done. We know. Not even the tons of coffee or all those hours spent in the office. Apparently, you're not the only one. Some smarter guys experienced this too and have thought of ways of working productively that actually... you know, work! So, to get y..
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6 ways to stop wasting time and start working for real

 July 15, 2013  Time Management  
  If you're starting out in the creative business or as an independent artist, you might be under the impression that inspiration just hits you out of the blue and you're gonna do real creative work when that happens. Yeah, that's great. But really now, do you really think that's how it works?   There's no w..
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