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How about NO? or How to reclaim your time

 August 02, 2013  Time Management  

We always want to do it all. Of course, that’s in our nature. But that’s rather impossible. We know that. We also know that we’re never going to get started on that awesome project any time soon if we keep delaying it. So all this might not be new to anyone. But what might seem interesting is how exactly we’re delaying it.

We keep doing stuff. Random stuff, unnecessary stuff: we go out for drinks (again), we walk our neighbor’s dog, we attend millions of boring meetings, we do other people’s tasks and so on. And we don’t have time to do our own stuff. Never. We’re always so-so-so-soooo busy. NOT!

So, here’s a tip: Say NO.

Yes, it’s just that easy. It’s simply reclaiming your time. By saying 'no' you stop other from controlling your agenda. And, obviously you get time for the thing you want to do and the things you should be doing anyway. You get the time to focus on your project and thus you’re making it better. You get the time to simply daydream about the new features of that app your developing and thus you’re making it better. You get the time to do the actual work and that will get you closer and closer to finishing what you have in mind.

Of course, you don’t want to be rude to people. Nobody does. You just need to explain that you‘re simply setting your priorities. See where you are truly needed and attend those things and those things only. If you’re not needed somewhere else desperately, your project needs you.

Whatever your project is, it cannot go on and become the coolest business/app/painting/anything if you don’t take the time to... well, do it. So, good luck with that!

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