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UpYourTime just got better. Now with a freemium version.

 March 14, 2016  New features  
Helping out the newbies: new tutorial feature We understand that, as a new user, you might find it difficult to learn your way around the site. That’s okay. We thought about you and that’s why we came up with a tutorial that will help you get accustomed to UpYourTime’s features. After you sign-up, you’re taken to a ste..
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New features on UpYourTime: Notifications & Reports

 November 11, 2013  New features  
We're doing our best to make UpYourTime better and better. So, we decided to create a notifications system to help you and your employees remember to fill in your timesheet every day. Also, you'll be able to see daily, weekly and monthly reports for your employees' activity.   If you're a manager you can edit the notifica..
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UpYourTime is now available in Romanian

 September 17, 2013  New features  
Since some of our clients are from Romania and since we're based in Bucharest too, we thought it was natural to make UpYourTime available in Romanian.   So, here it is. You can now enjoy all of UpYourTime's features in Romanian too. All you have to do for that is to switch languages using the buttons on the Home page. It's th..
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