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New features on UpYourTime: Notifications & Reports

 November 11, 2013  New features  

We're doing our best to make UpYourTime better and better. So, we decided to create a notifications system to help you and your employees remember to fill in your timesheet every day. Also, you'll be able to see daily, weekly and monthly reports for your employees' activity.


If you're a manager you can edit the notifications for the entire company using the Notifications option in the Manage menu. What's more you can give permissions to your employees so they can edit their notification settings themselves.


You can also choose what reports to receive and when you want to receive them. That way you won't have to check UpYourTime every time you want to see if your employees have been using their timesheets or their task timers. You'll see that every day when checking our emails.

Have fun using the new features and stay tuned for even more!

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