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UpYourTime just got better. Now with a freemium version.

 March 14, 2016  New features  

Helping out the newbies: new tutorial feature

We understand that, as a new user, you might find it difficult to learn your way around the site. That’s okay. We thought about you and that’s why we came up with a tutorial that will help you get accustomed to UpYourTime’s features.

After you sign-up, you’re taken to a step-by-step guide that will show and explain the most important features of your account: adding clients, contracts and users and, last but not least, using the timesheet to track and monitor your hours.


Free access to all features with the freemium version

Another major update comes as a new UpYourTime version. From now on, you can use the freemium option, that lets you use the timesheet for as long as you want, for free. But it has its limitations. You can’t add more than 2 users, 3 projects and 3 clients. For more, you have to upgrade to the premium version that best fits your needs.

Like how that sounds? Try it now and leave feedback in the comments. We’d love to hear your opinions!

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