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Time tracking lessons to and from UpYourTime users. Part two: an employee's point of view

 June 30, 2015  Time Management  

To continue the Time tracking lessons series, we have decided to ask for another opinion. This time, from an employee. Sara Marcu, a lawyer at the law firm we talked about in the first article agreed to share with us her experience with UpYourTime and what she learned since she started tracking her time.


Time tracking equals efficiency.

When I first learned about this notion, it just seemed like yet another thing to worry about. Another burden to my working day. I was proved to be wrong after a few weeks of using UpYourTime to keep track of my tasks and activities. It helped me not only organize these tasks but see how much time I actually wasted in-between. This all resulted in me being more efficient and better spending my working hours.


I worked on that project. I have proof, see?”

One main thing that bothered me about my previous job was the possibility of the client saying that I didn't actually spend all those hours working on his case. It happened to some of my colleagues and I was afraid that I might have happened to me as well. I found out that such thing is quite impossible when you have the spreadsheet with all your activities in front of you. What's more is that you don't even have to tell – he sees it all from his own account.


Self evaluation is the best kind of evaluation.

When you have the complete report of activity right before your eyes, it's much easier to see on what you spent most of your time and energy and what went on barely noticed. That way, I can see what I am actually good at and what needs extra attention.


I can't get lost in the functionalities

As a busy woman, I need time to actually focus on my work rather than learning how to use complicated software. The guys at UpYourTime seemed to have known that because they made the user interface super easy to use and customize to adjust to your needs.


There is no good reason why you shouldn't start tracking your time. What's best about it? There are no bad parts. Sure, you'll have to remember to fill the Time Sheet after every task but there is nothing more gratifying than knowing that, at the end of the day, you left nothing unfinished.


Now it's your turn to share your time tracking lesson. What are your experiences with time tracking? Did it change the way you work? Tell us in the comments below!

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