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Don't let perfection get you down

 January 22, 2014  Productivity  

You're a high achiever. You're used to doing things flawlessly. You always set high standards for you and your work. And it's tough. We know. It's so tough that sometimes you're so scared you're going to fail and you end up doing nothing at all.


There's no doubt that you're going to be appreciated if you succeed to get it all done in time and it turns out perfect. That's how things usually work for you. But sometimes things don't run that smoothly. Maybe you lack motivation or maybe you miss one tiny piece of information and you're scared that you're going to ruin it all because of that. This isn't happening to you only. There are quite a few out there who end up procrastinating just because they're afraid to get down to work.


To be honest, it's kind of irrelevant.


What's more important than getting all your stuff done perfectly is getting them done. Period. You can edit them afterwards, you can ask for opinions, you can add details or info or anything else you want. If you're writing an article or laying out a business scheme, you've got to understand that each project is a work in progress. But to get it started you need a first draft.


That way you'll manage to get more things done. You'll get that one project off your mind and you'll be able to focus on other tasks. And constantly worrying about the outcome won't take you anywhere, really.


All great authors, businessmen or artists have used first drafts. Some of them were terrible, really. But they had the courage to get started so they could create whatever it was that they were envisioning. Cases of people achieving perfect work on first try are extremely rare and they often fail every time afterwards. Those who deliver perfection are the ones who really strive for it.


And since you already know you can do it, why not give yourself some time to work on it?

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